About Amber Books Ltd

Please note our old website has been hacked and this is a temporary website while we build a new site – thank you for your patience! Our new website should be ready shortly – stay tuned for more news!

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Who are Amber Books?

We are an illustrated non-fiction publisher based in London, UK and have been publishing for over 25 years. We publish a growing range of titles under our own Amber Books imprint.

How can I find the titles I’m looking for?

You can browse our trade and rights catalogues on Scribd by clicking on this link: Scribd.com

Can I buy a copy direct from you?

We do not currently sell print copies of our book directly to the public on this website, but if you are interested in purchasing one of our titles, please either click on the relevant link button if available, otherwise they can be purchased in bookstores or ordered from online booksellers. Alternatively you can order direct from our distributor:

Orca Book Services
Tel: 01235 465577
Email: direct.orders@marston.co.uk

If you would like to be kept informed of future titles and/or where they can be purchased, please subscribe to our newsletter via the link above, or email enquiries@amberbooks.co.uk.

(Trade contact details can be found on the Contact us page.

Where can I find your latest books?

Our books are available either online or in bookshops – if you have any specific issues then please contact us directly.

Which titles are available as ebooks?

Many of our titles are available to buy as ebooks – they can be found on most major ebook retailer sites.

We are in the process of making more of our backlist and out of print titles available as ebooks – if you cannot see a ‘buy ebook’ link on the book page, it has not yet been converted. Please email us at editorial@amberbooks.co.uk if you would like a specific title to be available as an ebook, and we will try to prioritise it.

Are you a book packager? Can I licence one of your titles? Do you do special sales?

Amber are also a book packaging company: we create books for adults and children and license them to our client publishers who then translate them if required and distribute them under their own imprints around the world. If you are a publisher and interested in licensing the rights to any of our titles, or a retailer looking for an exclusive edition or special sale, please email rights@amberbooks.co.uk.

Do you offer editorial and design services?

Amber Books has the resources and expertise to provide a complete editorial and design service for print and digital products. We work with publishing and non-publishing clients around the world creating a range of products from card continuity sets and partworks to books and internal corporate publications. We can create exciting new products from scratch, or simply give a fresh, contemporary look to existing material you already hold.

Our expert contributors cover a wide range of subject areas, and recent commissions have dealt with aviation, construction equipment, sport, crime and current affairs.

Projects are completed on a flat-fee basis, and we are happy to provide detailed quotes. For further information or a detailed quote please contact us at editorial@amberbooks.co.uk.

Cookies and privacy policy and competition terms and conditions

Please email us at editorial@amberbooks.co.uk for details of our full terms and conditions.


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