Celtic ancestors

The BBC has reported on a new study on the Celtic peoples in the journal Nature, which shows that there is greater DNA diversity than was expected amongst Celtic peoples throughout the United Kingdom, and that the Celtic population in the UK absorbed the Saxon invaders over the period of about 100 years.

From the BBC article:

“According to Prof Peter Donnelly who co-led the study, the results show that although there is not a single Celtic group, there is a genetic basis for regional identities in the UK.

“Many of the genetic clusters we see in the west and north are similar to the tribal groupings and kingdoms around, and just after, the time of the Saxon invasion, suggesting these kingdoms maintained a regional identity for many years,” he told BBC News.”

The BBC’s article can be found here: DNA study shows Celts are not a unique genetic group

The full article in Nature can be accessed here: Nature

For anyone looking for a more detailed exploration of the Celtic peoples throughout Europe, the new book from Martin Dougherty – Celts – is available now.

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