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Titles coming out this March from Amber Books:


227 x 297 mm, 224 pages hb, £19.99

Gold rush towns abandoned when new boomtowns emerge elsewhere or the gold has run out, towns deserted when caught in war zones, settlements evacuated due to natural disasters or chemical spills – seeing a town with devoid of people is an uncanny feeling. Where has everyone gone? And why aren’t they coming back? From Pripyat in Ukraine to Bodie in California to English villages requisitioned by the Ministry of Defence during World War II, from Greek leper colonies to deserted Italian mountain villages, Ghost Townsis a brilliant pictorial work examining lost worlds. With reasons ranging from the collapse of local industry to being pushed aside to make way for a new industry, from earthquakes and volcanoes to man-made chemical spills, from war zones to demilitarised zones, the book explores a wide range of desolate urban environments from around the globe. And with these places left to nature, we can see not only how nature reclaims the land, but also gain a glimpse into the past free from humankind’s modernising hands. With 150 striking colour photographs exploring 100 worlds, Ghost Towns is a fascinating visual history of the mysteries of lost worlds.

Chris McNab has written more than 100 titles, primarily focused on historical and military topics. In addition to his writing work, Chris has made regular contributions to radio and TV programmes. He also works as an educational publishing consultant, advising international agencies on how to develop their textbooks and other educational resources.

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Pawfect Friends cover_thumb

153 x 153 mm, 96 pages hb £6.99

As the saying almost goes: Cats and dogs that share a bowl of food together, stay together. Or was it a blanket? Or a laundry basket? Well, whether it was dining together or slumbering together, going for walks as a pair or even giving piggy back rides, Pawfect Friends shows in 90 of the sweetest photographs that cats and dogs can be far better buddies than we often give them credit for. Playing, protecting, keeping a sleepy eye out for each other – even putting up with each other’s eccentricities – the photographs in Pawfect Friends celebrate 90 of the cutest cat and dog pairs that you will ever see.

Jack Russell has worked as an author and roving reporter in journalism and publishing in London, UK, since 2002. Jack lives in the countryside and he doesn’t own a dog.

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